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 Publication: March 01, 2023

Joasia loved the meadows by the Pilica River, Jacek horses...

 Over the years we had lived and worked in different places, bigger and smaller :) Warsaw, Lipianki, Krzewent. Until the time came to return to the roots, specifically to Joasia's roots, i.e. the place where her grandmother and grandfather lived. It is a centuries-old mill farm, where in the Middle Ages there was a "mine" and an earth iron mill, and from the 18th century a water mill producing flour.

We moved into what was left of the stables, rebuilt the barn and house, and built a drum making workshop and workshop room. We managed to recultivate several hectares of meadows and put a herd of Polish Koniks on them. In May 2022 our first foal - Bendir was born :) it could not be otherwise. We also set up an organic farm where we grow buckwheat and vegetables.

 In the house we have 12 places for guests and a separate room for the person conducting the workshops. There are 3 bathrooms and the 4th is on the way ;)

 The workshop room is 100 square meters and is located in a separate building above the drum workshop.

 This is our life, we create drums, organize workshops, cultivate the land and walk with the horses :) it's like paradise ;)

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