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Hand to hand, upright frame drum, tar, 17 inches

For several years Andrea Picconi urged me to create a light upright drum or his Hand to hand style. I thought and tried different patents :) and finally created a series of drums perfect for hand to hand. These are drums from 12 to 19 inches in diameter (30 to 49 cm) and 5 cm deep. The wood that sounds best in these drums is black oak, or else called bog oak. The age of the wood I use is 4000 years. For so long the period of aging in water or underground, the wood is perfectly seasoned, devoid of internal tensions, and at the same time has a changed chemical composition because mineralization processes take place in it.

The edges of the drum are semicircular, thanks to which you can feel the comfort of playing. I use two types of edges shown in the photos. One with a typical undercut inside the drum. The second one is completely straight on the inside and more semicircular on the outside. The latter type is preferred by people who want to "cut" overtones as much as possible.

Here you have life sampel of this

"Man, I fly with the drum" said once Andrea :)


297,62 EUR


Weight: 0.70 kg
średnica: 40.00 cm
wysokość: 5 cm deep
gatunek drewna: 4000 years old bog oak
Rodzaje skór do wyboru:

Goat skin, middle thickness

możliwość strojenia: tak
Dostępny od ręki: tak
Tuning system: 10 screws inside the body
Rodzaj skóry: kozia bez włosa

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