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Make your own shamanic drum - workshop, 25-27.08.2023

 Publication: March 27, 2023

I invite you to participate in the workshop of creating a shamanic drum.
Performing a shamanic drum is a meeting of spirit and body. When you find the intention with which you want to make a drum, the meeting begins with the matter that your work and intention will bring to life.
My role in this workshop is to enable you to translate this intention from within you to the drum, or if you do not have a clear intention - to create the conditions in which it will appear.
For each and every participant I will prepare a wooden hoop for the drum, leather and a suitable string. The drumhead of the shaman drum is traditionally made of leather.

The hoops that will be waiting for you are unique on a global scale. As one of two people I know in the world, I bend solid boards with a thickness that allows the production of a 14 mm drum frame. Thanks to this, the drum has a much stronger vibration and does not deaf when in contact with the body. At the same time, it is not as heavy as drums with steel hoops. Frames made in this way are basically eternal :)

During the workshop, we can make drums from 40 to 65 cm in size. If you have not yet decided what drum you want to make for yourself, read the article Choosing a shaman drum.

General plan of the workshop.

The first day:

1. A meeting, a journey into yourself to the sounds of a drum.

2. Getting to know the frame, oiling the wood.

Day two:

1. Presentation of the process of creating a drum, description and presentation of individual stages.
2. Skin preparation.
3. The first stringing of the drum.
4. Final stretching of the drum.
5. Drying the leather on the drum.

6. Evening meditation with drums.

Day third:

1. Drum tuning.
2. Preparing the drumstick for the drum

3. Getting acquainted with the sounds of the drum - learning to extract different sounds, learning rhythms.

Individual points of the plan may change depending on the development of the situation and the needs of the participants.


PLACE: Silpia Wielka 9, 29-100 Włoszczowa - have a look here if you want to learn about the place and its history

Time: August 25-27, 2023. We start at 18.00 on Friday and end at 17.00 on Sunday.

If you go by train - go to WLOSZCZOWA POLNOC station or WLOSZCZOWA , we will pick you up from this station to our place.

The cost of participation in the workshop:

Ash or birch wood drums:

a drum with a diameter of 40-41 cm - PLN 1,000

drum with a diameter of 43 cm - PLN 1,100

drum with a diameter of 46 cm - PLN 1,200
drum with a diameter of 49 cm - PLN 1,300
drum with a diameter of 53 cm - PLN 1,500

drum with a diameter of 65 cm - PLN 1,700

4000 year old black oak wood drums:

a drum with a diameter of 40-41 cm - PLN 1,500

drum with a diameter of 43 cm - PLN 1,600

drum with a diameter of 46 cm - PLN 1,700
drum with a diameter of 49 cm - PLN 1,800
drum with a diameter of 53 cm - PLN 2,000

drum with a diameter of 65 cm - PLN 2,200

The making of drumsticks is included in the price.

The number of places is limited from 6 to 8 people.

Cost of vegetarian food and accommodation PLN 430

Jacek Żelazek, e-mail:
telephone – 602 499 439
Reservation of a place at the workshop by paying a non-returnable advance payment of 50% of the cost of participation in the workshop in PLN to the bank account

IBAN: PL 81 1050 1979 1000 0092 0712 9819


Please make the payment AFTER I CONFIRM THE PLACE AT THE WORKSHOP. If you need an invoice to other data than on bank transfer, be sure to inform me about it together with the transfer.

In the title of the transfer, enter:
"Workshop 25-27.08.2023 - name, drum diameter"

Bring a mat and a blanket to cover yourself during meditation.

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