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 Publication: March 01, 2023

I was born in 1979. From an early age I was interested in sculpture and music. I live in Krzewencie in Kujawy, in my family region. I make drums and play drums. I have such instruments as shaman drums, frame drums, bendirs, congas, djembe, bass drums, taiko, riqs and various tambourine. When I do not play myself, my drums play in the world - near the fireplaces, in the houses, on the stages, in the recording studios ... I like it very much.

I've been playing drums since I was 14 years old. As I remember I always played for people, ie. there was someone who needed me to play. Similarly, it was the making of shamanic drums - when I made the first one, there were a dozen people who wanted me to make a drum for them. It was an impulse for me to start doing drums. It was similar to playing. I played for people and people wanted me to play for them. Sometimes it had a spiritual dimension and sometimes it was fun.

I became interested in drums due to the artistic activity of Jurek "Słoma" Słomiński. For many years, his way of playing drums was a direction for me. My teachers of playing percussion instruments were or still are, on drums - Piotr Biskupski, on congas - David Saucedo Valle, Nikodem Bąkowski, Raynaldo Cuza, on the frame drums Murat Coskun, Andrea Piccioni, Philipp Kurzke, Tayfun Ates.

From Paweł "Pablo" Myczkowski, I learned how to make drums. After the first period of study, we established a permanent cooperation, which in various forms continues to this day. I am very grateful to him for all the tips he gave me.

I had the pleasure of musical cooperation with many musicians, including David Saucedo Valle, Honorata Kożuchowska, The Voices choir, Słoma, Don Vasyl, Fleshmob Orchestra, (composed of: Tadeusz Sudnik, Janusz Smyk, Paweł Prochnowski, Andrzej Rejman, Rafał Smoliński, Zbych Kunkowski), Witek Vargas, and in very early youth also with Adam Palma and Filip "Wieżą" Różański.

In addition to making drums and playing on them, I share my life passion during the workshops of playing drums and making drums. For several years I had my workshop studio in Warsaw and now in my place in Krzewent. Also I lead workshops in different places in Poland for educational and bussiness sector.

Below is my favorite recording that my son Franek made about six years ago.

[YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtntoEu0dP0 [/ youtube]

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