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Frame drum, 16 inch, 8-9 cm deep

Historia instrumentu

Bendir is a frame drum on which you can play with your hands and fingers. It is associated with Arabic music, but has been known and used in Europe for several hundred years - including in Balkan, klezmer and Irish music. I made this instrument from ash and goat skin. Its sound is piercing, metaphysical - it combines deep and low bass with high voiced tones. It has a tuning system inside the body - 10 screws for a 2 mm Allen key. Thanks to the tuning system you can get very low tones and play on it in various atmospheric conditions. The recordings of this frame drum can be listened to in two outfits - medium and low. The files are on the right in the "Downloads" section. The drums I made play, among others Patrycja Napierała, Wojciech Lubertowicz, Robert Siwak, Peter Somos, Agata Steczkowska, and Paweł Steczkowski. Recordings of my other drums can be heard, for example, during a concert by Maria Pomianowska and ReBorn or a recording by Krzysztof Guzewicz

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Weight: 0.80 kg
średnica: 40.00 cm
możliwość strojenia: tak
Dostępny od ręki: tak
Rodzaj skóry: kozia bez włosa

Files to download

Jesion 40 cm wysoki strój.mp3
Jesion 40 cm średnio-niski strój.mp3
Jesion 40 cm nieski strój.mp3

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